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Gift your business a high performing Mobile App Development Agency in Auckland. We have a team of 100+ associates say - UI/UX designers, Android Mobile app developers, iOS Mobile App Developers and quality analysts. We deliver a strategically designed and creatively crafted mobile application development agency in Auckland to take your business to the next level.

We design and develop custom mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. Our mobile app development company in Auckland, have the expertise in creating mobile applications using the following technologies as mentioned below.

Popular Mobile App Development languages we adopt

Technologies in Mobile App Development - Android, iOS, React and Native App

We design and develop custom mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. Our mobile app development agency in Auckland, NZ have the expertise to create mobile applications using major programming languages that are largely used for mobile app development include

Manukau Infotech - The leading Mobile App Development Company in Auckland, creates multi-platform mobile apps i.e, Android, iOS, and Windows using dynamic mobile app technologies.

Are you looking at developing web-frontend applications for mobile devices?

If so, consider cross-platform mobile app development services in Auckland, NZ. write-once-run-anywhere” advantage offered by HTML5 accelerates your time to market, improves your app’s visibility, makes development affordable, and supports offline browsing.

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helps you deliver the right functionality and exceptional user experience."


Object-oriented programming language has been the popular and official language for Android mobile app development. An extremely versatile language, Java helps keep your app flexible, modular, and extensible. Java is easy to handle and many open source libraries are made available for users to choose from.


PHP is object-oriented and uses a three-layered model to help create dynamic mobile apps and web application development in Auckland, NZ. . It is highly suitable for apps that require database integration. Popular PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Lumen, CodeIgniter, and Symfony are being used extensively for building mobile apps that require complex backend and exhaustive data migration. Create your Own Mobile App Development Agency in Auckland with these mobile app development tools are perfect for building mobile apps from scratch and even offer multi-platform capabilities for reaching larger audiences.


If you are building something specific to Apple OS (native to Apple), Swift is the language to seek. Swift is a popular iOS application development language that offers advanced features with minimal coding that can be easily maintained.

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Choose the right App Development

Choose the Right mobile App Development.

We ensure that your custom mobile app meets all your business requirements.

  • Native Android App Development
  • Native iOS App Development
  • React App Development
  • Flutter App Development


Flutter is the popular cross-platform mobile application development technology in Auckland, NZ.

The advantage of using flutter is using “Dart” as a programming language instead of JavaScript which facilitates rapid and effective analysis, fabricates UIs, includes highlights and fixes bugs in milliseconds. The wide range of plugins backed by Google allows mobile app development agency in Auckland for both Android and Apple iOS platforms

React Native

React Native is the most preferred native mobile app development technology in Auckland. Which enables the development of native apps for iOS and Android platforms. ReactNative framework allows building native mobile apps with JavaScript, using the same design as React.

The Advantage of Mobile App Development using React Native are real mobile apps, that cannot be distinguished from an app built using Objective-C or Java or Swift.

Angular js

Mobile Angular UI is an open-source mobile framework that combines the best features of Angular js and Bootstrap 3 syntax, including the missing components of Bootstrap.

Advantages are Since it makes use of Angular js and Bootstrap, it’s easy for developers to get started and deliver instantly.


ManukauInfotech - the No.1 Mobiel App Development Company in Auckland, NZ helps you experience the benefits of code sharing, Xamarin builds applications that render exact native apps.

Advantages are Xamarain are it saves cost and time uses single C++ codes across native iOS, Android, Windows, and other platforms with single shared .NET codes.


The widely preferred mobile app development framework today is Ionic. It uses an HTML5 programming language. Ionic is a combination of HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript to build native apps and create their UI functionalities with ease.

Advantages are - Ionic is built on top of Angular JS and Apache Cordova, moreover it is the easiest way for web developers in Auckland to build, grow, and scale cross-platform mobile apps.


NativeScript allows developers to build mobile apps using JavaScript or by any other language that trans-compiles to JavaScript eg: TypeScript. Native API reflection, Angular integration, and Vue.js integration are some of the notable features of NativeScript.

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Key Benefits & Assurance:

  • Easy to install & Go Live
  • Fully customizable Mobile App Development
  • Native App Works Online & Offline
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Increased Productivity & profitability
  • Increased ROI
  • Personalized UI/UX
  • Safe & Secure Mobile Apps

End to End Mobile App Development Solutions:

“Loading time affects your bottom line terribly”

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) plugin launched by Google is becoming a mandatory factor that determines your mobile site’s ranking. AMP-optimized web or mobile pages will rank faster and better and own the double-chance of converting visitors into customers.

Manuka Infotech the professional mobile app development agency in Auckland can fulfil the increasing consumer demand for faster data speed, low latency, enhanced user experience driven by Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), UHD videos, seamless video calling, and gaming experience with 5G adoption.

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Manukau Infotech is one of the most reliable mobile app development agency in Auckland. Our Android and iOS App Development services in Auckland has become the most convenient source of contact between businesses and customers.

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The best way is to have a ground plan and seek the help of Manukau Infotech - A custom software development agency in Auckland. We develop full-cycle Android and iOS mobile app development as per your business and customer requirements.

Contact Manukau Infotech Today - no matter how diverse or complex your needs are. Our ability to meet your needs stem from our team of experts, who have years of experience in global mobile app development services.

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